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Xerox Easy Translator

Translate anytime, from anywhere, with any document.

Multifunction printers may not be the hottest topic, but Xerox may have changed that a bit with a neat new feature that will let you translate a document with the push of a button.

The new Xerox Easy Translator Service works with ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printers, and all you have to do is scan a document, choose from the more than 40 languages available, and you’ll get a printed, machine-translated document.

There’s a Web portal you can access to use the same machine-generated translation service, but the Xerox Easy Translator Web portal also has human-translated tiers to choose from. There’s Express, which is machine-translated but includes human post-editing; Professional, which offers a human translator and editor; and Expert, which the company says offers “flawless print-ready documents by professionals with subject area expertise.” It can take a few hours to receive your translated document with these human-translated tiers, though.

The service is also available via an iOS and Android app (Android app is still pending approval), and it functions similarly to the multifunction printer, where all you need to do is take a picture of a document and it will be emailed to you in a minute, machine-translated.




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